Dermal Filler Removal Toronto-Hyaluronidase-How Long Will It Take?

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular and cost effective rejuvenating treatments. Yearly over 1 million men and women use dermal fillers to enhance their looks. Still, not everyone is happy with their dermal filler results

If a patient would like to remove their temporary dermal filler, they do not have to wait long. Hyaluronidase injections dissolve filler quickly and safely.

Hyaluronidase is a protein enzyme that breaks down the main component of temporary dermal fillers such as Hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronidase starts to dissolve the molecular bonds of Hyaluronic acid immediately. It continues to break down within 24-48 hours following the injection. After this time, a follow up will be made to determine if more Hyaluronidase is needed.

Multiple sessions may be required especially if a patient seeks a new practitioner to perform dermal filler removal. This is because they do not know the exact depth of the filler and will need to predict the depth of the filler to be removed.

If a patient has other dermal filler in the target area or only wants a small amount removed, a practitioner will not be able to promise that only the specific filler will be dissolved. A patient may need to replace some dermal filler afterward since the Hyaluronidase will break down any filler it comes in contact with.

Hyaluronidase is a safe injection and merely imitates and speeds up the process of metabolizing the dermal filler.

After a week, patients that have removed temporary dermal filler can choose to have another treatment if you wish.

To ensure that you are happy with your dermal filler, choose a provider that is experienced and highly knowledgeable so that they can discern the appropriate filler for your needs.

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